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Why Himalaya Restaurant’s Butter Chicken is the Perfect Dish to Order Online

I. Introduction

In recent years, online ordering has gained immense popularity due to its convenience and accessibility. With just a few clicks, customers can browse through the menus of various restaurants, place their orders, and have their food delivered directly to their doorstep.

However, with so many options available, it can be challenging to choose the perfect dish to order. In this blog, we will discuss why Butter Chicken, which is one of the best Indian food from Himalaya Restaurant is the ideal dish to order online. We will explore the origins and description of the dish, and the benefits of ordering it online from Himalaya Restaurant, which has got the top restaurant reviews, and also provide a step-by-step guide on how to order it. Whether you’re a Butter Chicken enthusiast or someone looking for a new dish to try, this blog will provide valuable insights to help you make the right choice.

II. What is Butter Chicken?

delicious butter chicken by himalaya restaurant

Butter Chicken is a famous Indian dish that has gained worldwide recognition due to its delectable flavor and creamy texture. The dish comprises marinated chicken pieces in yogurt, pepper, other spices, and ginger garlic paste which are traditionally cooked in a tandoor, a clay oven, but can also be roasted in a regular oven. These chicken pieces are then simmered in a velvety tomatoes-based gravy, enriched with cream, butter, and a blend of aromatic spices such as ginger, garlic, cumin, coriander, and garam masala. The result is a mouth-watering, succulent, and savory dish with an aromatic fragrance of butter chicken curry that is best served with steaming hot rice, biryani, naan bread, or garlic naan.

Butter Chicken is believed to have originated in the 1950s in Delhi, India, when the owner of a restaurant named Moti Mahal, Kundan Lal Gujral, repurposed leftover tandoori chicken in a tomato and butter-based gravy, which he later modified to create the dish we know today. Over time, the dish has become a staple in Indian cuisine, and its popularity has spread globally, making it a favorite among food lovers worldwide.

Butter Chicken is a popular choice for ordering online due to its rich flavor, creamy texture, and easy-to-eat nature. The dish is known for its versatility, as it can be served with a range of accompaniments, including rice, naan, or even salad. Furthermore, the ease of ordering online makes it a popular choice for those seeking a comforting and delicious meal in the comfort of their own homes.

III. The Benefits of Ordering Butter Chicken Online from Himalaya Restaurant

Himalaya Restaurant’s Butter Chicken is the perfect dish to order online due to its high-quality ingredients, authentic taste, convenient online ordering process, timely delivery services, and great value for money.

High-Quality Ingredients Used in the Dish:

Himalaya Restaurant is committed to using the freshest and high-quality ingredients in their dishes, including their Butter Chicken. Their chefs use a blend of herbs and spices to create an authentic and delicious taste that is consistent with traditional Indian cuisine.

Consistent and Authentic Taste:

Himalaya Restaurant’s Butter Chicken has a rich and authentic taste that is consistent across all orders. Whether you order online or dine in, you can expect the same amazing food with delicious taste every time.

Convenient Online Ordering Process:

Himalaya Restaurant has a user-friendly online ordering system that allows customers to easily customize their orders, select pickup or delivery times, and pay online. This makes it easy for customers to place their orders quickly and efficiently, without the hassle of waiting in line or on the phone.

Timely Delivery Services:

Himalaya Restaurant’s delivery services are fast and reliable, ensuring that the food arrives fresh and hot. Customers can track their orders in real-time and receive updates on the estimated delivery time.

Great Value for Money:

Himalaya Restaurant’s Butter Chicken is a great value for money, providing customers with a filling and delicious meal at an affordable price. The generous portions and quality of the ingredients make it a great value for the price.

Overall, Himalaya Restaurant’s Butter Chicken is the perfect dish to order online due to its high-quality ingredients, authentic taste, convenience, timely delivery services, and great value for money.

IV. Butter Chicken Order Online from Himalaya Restaurant

Ordering Butter Chicken online from Himalaya Restaurant is simple and hassle-free. Follow these steps for a quick and easy online ordering experience.

Step-by-Step Guide to Online Ordering:

  1. Visit Himalaya Restaurant’s website.
  2. Click on the “Order Online” button.
  3. Choose between “Pickup” or “Delivery” options.
  4. Select “Butter Chicken” from the menu.
  5. Customize your order with any additional sides or drinks.
  6. Select your preferred date and time for pickup or delivery.
  7. Review your order summary and ensure everything is correct.
  8. Proceed to the checkout page.
  9. Enter your delivery address and payment details.
  10. Review your order and click “Submit.”

Payment Options Available:

Himalaya Restaurant offers multiple payment options for online orders. Customers can pay using their credit/debit cards or through cash payment.

Delivery and Pickup Options:

Himalaya Restaurant provides both pickup and delivery options for customers. For pickup orders, customers can select their preferred pickup time and collect their orders from the restaurant. For delivery orders, customers can choose their preferred delivery time and track their orders in real time through the restaurant’s website. The restaurant offers free delivery services within a certain radius, and additional delivery charges may apply for orders outside the delivery area.

V. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How do I place an order online from Himalaya Restaurant?

You can place an order online by visiting the restaurant’s website, selecting the Butter Chicken dish from the menu, customizing your order, choosing between pickup or delivery options, and selecting a date and time for pickup or delivery. You will then be asked to enter your delivery address and payment details before submitting your order.

  1. Can I customize my Butter Chicken order when I order online?

Yes, you can customize your Butter Chicken order by adding any additional sides or drinks that you want to include with your order.

  1. What are the payment options available for online orders?

Himalaya Restaurant accepts payments through credit/debit cards or cash.

  1. Is there a minimum order requirement for delivery orders?

Yes, the restaurant has a minimum order requirement for delivery orders. The minimum order amount may vary depending on your location.

  1. How long does it take to receive my Butter Chicken order?

The delivery time for Butter Chicken orders may vary depending on your location and the restaurant’s workload. You can track your order in real-time through the restaurant’s website and receive updates on the estimated delivery time.

  1. Can I cancel or modify my order after it has been placed?

You can cancel or modify your order before the restaurant begins preparing your food. Once the restaurant has started preparing your food, it may not be possible to cancel or modify your order.

  1. Is the Butter Chicken dish from Himalaya Restaurant halal?

Yes, Himalaya Restaurant is a halal-certified restaurant, and all their dishes, including Butter Chicken, are prepared using halal meat.

Online ordering from Himalaya Restaurant is a straightforward and enjoyable process. The restaurant provides a wide range of customizable orders, and timely delivery and pickup services, ensuring that customers can enjoy their dish with ease and convenience. If you have any additional questions, you can contact the restaurant’s customer service team for further assistance.

VI. Conclusion

In conclusion, Himalaya Restaurant’s Butter Chicken is the perfect dish to order online. The high-quality ingredients, authentic taste, and convenient online ordering process make it a popular choice for customers looking for a delicious and hassle-free meal.

Ordering Butter Chicken online from Himalaya Restaurant provides customers with a quick and easy way to enjoy this delectable dish. With the step-by-step ordering guide, multiple payment options, and timely delivery and pickup services, customers can enjoy their meal with ease and convenience.

We highly recommend trying this dish and experiencing the mouth-watering flavors for yourself. Order online today and indulge in a culinary adventure from the comfort of your own home. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to savor the authentic taste of Himalaya Restaurant’s Butter Chicken.

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