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Authentic Pakistani and Indian Cuisine
Please note, some items may not be available at all venues


Vegetable Samosa$6.95
3 per serve (cocktail size)

Spring Rolls $9.90
6 pieces

Lamb Cutlets $18.90
4 pcs. Fresh lamb cutlets marinated with yoghurt spice and grilled in tandoor

Lahori Fried Fish$15.50
7 pcs. Fish fillet marinated overnight, deep fried & served with mint sauce

Paneer Sizzler$15.95
Cottage Cheese Marinated with yogurt and spices and cooked with onion, capsicum & special sauce

Himalaya Vegi Platter$15.95
2 Samosa, 2 Pakora, 2 Hara Kebab & 2 Spring Rolls

Tawa Goat / Chicken Sizzler$21.00 / $18.90
Spicy grilled Goat pieces cooked with yohgurt, ginger, green chilli and spices

Tawa Fish$20.95
Spicy stir fried grilled fish pieces cooked with yohgurt, onions, capsicum, tomato and spices

Vegetable Pakora$7.50
6 pieces per serve

Tandoori Tikka (6 pcs)$13.50
Boneless spring chicken marinated overnight gently roasted in tandoor

Seekh Kebab$12.50
6 pcs. Minced lamb mixed with onion, herbs and spices, rolled over skewers and roasted in tandoor

Prawn Tandoori$19.90
10 pcs. Fresh prawns marinated in yoghurt sauce & grilled in tandoor

Chaat Paapdi$9.95
Papdi Chaat is an Indian street food snack. Prepared with papri, boiled potatoes, chickpeas, sweet and green chutney and dahi

Himalaya Tandoori Platter$23.95
2 kebabs, 2 lamb cutlets, 2 pieces of Fish & 2 pieces chicken tikka

Tawa Prawn$20.95
Spicy stir fried grilled prawns cooked with yohgurt, onions, capsicum, tomato and spices

Garlic Prawns Sizzler$20.95
Prawns cooked with a creamy garlic sauce and served on a hotplate.

Chef's Specials

Malai Chicken Sizzler$19.95
Boneless chicken fillet cooked in thick creamy sauce with special recipe

Chicken Haleem$17.50
A special Pakistani dish cooked in a tasty mixture of chicken, 7 types of dal and broken wheat. This is a spicy dish.

Keema Sizzler$17.50
A spicy Pakistani minced lamb dish cooked with spices, green chilli and ginger. Served on a hot plate.

Desi Saag$15.95
Washed mustard leaves finely chopped and cooked with garlic, ginger, onions and spices.

Lahori Kadhi Pakora$14.95
Lohori kadhi pakora is a Punjabi dish with yogurt, gramflour curry with fried vegetable

Chargha Chicken$24.99
Chargha Chicken is a Punjabi dish with cream and species cooked in tandoor with rice

Beef Nihari$17.50
Authentic Traditional Pakistani spicy beef curry dish.

Bhindi Gosht$19.95
A delicious combination of Okra cooked with Goat, fresh tomato and ginger.

Kebab Masala Sizzler$17.50
Fantastic spicy seekh (Lamb) kebabs cooked with yoghurt and spicy lamb sauce.

Karela Masala$15.95
The Karela Masala Sabzi is a delicious simple to cook recipe made from bitter gourd, that is one of the most nutritious vegetables.

Tawa Sabji$16.95
Combination of seasonal vegetables cooked in spicy dry sauce with capsicum & ginger served on hot plate


Butter Chicken$17.95
Mughal style dish cooked in cashew, butter & mild creamy sauce

Lahori Chicken$17.95
Tender pieces of chicken cooked with green chilli, pepper special spices, yogurt & ginger

Mango Chicken$17.95
Tender pieces of chicken cooked in fresh mango puree cream

Chicken Vindaloo$17.95
Chicken pieces cooked in spicy vindaloo sauce

Chilli Chicken (Dry or Curry)$17.95
Boneless chicken pieces cooked in garlic, capsicum, onion, tomato, herbs and fresh chilli

Tandoori ChickenFull: $21.00 | Half: $12.50
Spring chicken maryland marinated overnight & roasted in tandoor (only maryland)

Achari Chicken$17.95
Marinated boneless chicken cooked with pickles and special spices

Chicken Korma$17.95
Mughalai style chicken dish cooked in cashew, butter & mild sauce garnished with nuts

Chicken Sagwala$17.95
Mughalai dish of chicken pieces cooked with fresh spinach and coriander

Chicken Madras$17.95
Hot & Spicy Chicken Dish Cooked with Coconut cream & coriander

Chicken Tikka Masala$17.95
Chicken fillets, half cooked in tandoor then prepared in chefs special sauce, spices & topped with onion, capsicum and coriander


Beef Vindaloo$16.95
Hot spicy curry in vindaloo sauce

Beef Korma$16.95
Mughalai style beef dish in creamy sauce with cashews

Beef Masala$16.95
Tender beef cooked in capsicum, tomatoes, onion and with hot chillies & roasted spices

Bombay Beef$16.95
Tender pieces of beef cooked in potatoes & finished with coriander

Beef Sagwala$16.95
Beef cooked with spinach and coriander

Beef Madras$16.95
Hot spicy beef with coconut, chilli & curry lives


Prawn Malabari$19.95
Prawn cooked in creamy coconut sauce on low fire finished with coriander

Prawns Vindaloo$19.50
Prawns cooked in spicy vindaloo sauce

Fish Masala$18.50
Spicy fish curry with herbs, fresh coriander

Fish Malai Methi$18.50
Boneless fish cooked with fenugreek leaves with Special flavours & spices

Prawn Karahi$19.95
Prawns cooked in chef's special sauce with diced tomato, capsicum & onion

Chilli Prawns$19.95
Prawns pan fried in dry sauce with onion capsicum and coriander

Fish Malabari$18.50
South indian style fish curry cooked in coconut sauce

Lamb & Goat

Lamb Roghanjosh$17.95
Lamb dish cooked with tomato, onion & coriander

Lamb Masala$17.95
Tender lamb pan fried in dry sauce with onion and capsicum

Lamb Korma$17.95
Mughal style lamb dish in butter with cashews and cream

Lamb Sagwala$17.95
Mughalai dish of tender lamb with fresh green spices from kashmir & a puree of spinach with coriander

Lamb Madras$17.95
Hot spicy lamb with coconut and coriander

Lamb Vindaloo$17.95
Diced lamb cooked in spicy vindaloo sauce

Goat Karahi$18.95
Tender pieces of goat cooked with pepper, yogurt & ginger

Achari Goat$18.95
Tender pieces of marinated goat cooked with pickles & special spices


Vegetable Karahi$14.95
Combination of seasonal vegetables cooked in a exquisite sauce

Mushroom Mutter$14.95
Fresh mushroom with green peas, toasted spices, onion, tomatoes & garlic

Paneer Tikka Masala$14.95
Home made cheese cooked in spicy dry sauce with capsicum & onion

Bombay Potatoes$14.95
Hot potato dish with onion, tomatoes and fresh chillies and fresh coriander

Aloo Gobbi$14.95
Cauliflower and potatoes cooked in spicy dry sauce

Achari Paneer$14.95
Cottage cheese cooked with pickle and spices

Karahi Paneer$14.95
Cottage cheese cooked with diced onion, capsicum, tomato and with gravy

Garlic Paneer$14.95
Cottage cheese cooked with cheese special spices with touch of garlic

Vegetable Korma$14.95
Seasonal mixed vegetables cooked in creamy sauce

Malai Kofta$14.95
Creamy cheese balls, mashed potatoes, coriander and deep fried with chef's special sauce

Bhindi Do Piaza$16.50
Okra Cooked with Onion, Tomato and special spices

Daal Makhni$12.50
A puree of black lentils cooked overnight on the tandoor and flavoured with ginger, garlic & a touch of cream

Palak Paneer$14.95
Home made cheese cooked with spinach

Shahi Paneer$14.95
Home made cheese cooked in chef's special recipe

Yellow lentils cooked overnight on a slow fire with tomatoes, onion and coriander


Fish Biryani$18.50

Mughal Biryani $16.95 - $17.50
Mughlai style basmati rice cooked with (choice of chicken, beef, lamb or goat)

Paneer Biryani$14.50
Rice dish with homemade cheese

Zeera Rice$4.00
per person

Prawn Biryani$19.50
Mughlai style basmati rice cooked with prawns and special spices

Vegetable Biryani$14.50
Rice dish with vegetables

Plain Rice$2.95
per person


Plain Naan$2.90

Cheese Naan $4.00

Keema Naan$4.95

Butter Naan$3.00

Lachhedaar Paratha$3.50

Garlic Naan$3.50

Vegetable Paratha / Alo Kulcha$4.00

Peshawari Naan$4.00


Cheese and Garlic Naan$4.95

Side Dishes

Home made yoghurt with cucumber

Mango Chutney $2.00
Mashed mango pickle, sweet and sour

6 per serve

Mixed Plate of Side Dishes$6.95
Mixed Pickle, Mango Chutney, Tomato Onion, Raita

Green Salad$3.00
Onion, tomato, coriander with salt, pepper and lemon

Coconut and Banana$2.00
Pieces of banana with seasoned coconut

Mango, lime, mixed pickle


Mango Lassi$3.95
Fresh mango puree with yoghurt

Salted Lassi $2.50
Yoghurt with salt

Juice (Orange or Apple)$2.50

Jug of soft drinks$8.00

Sweet Lassi$3.00
Yoghurt and sugar

Himalaya Masala Chai$2.50

All soft drinks Cans$2.90

Black Tea$2.00


Gulab Jamun$5.95
Home made milk sake balls dipped in cardamon flavoured syrup

Ras Malai $6.50
Home made special cheese with creamy sauce

Mango Kulfi / Pistachio Kulfi$5.95
Home made ice cream with mango flavour


Vegetarian Banquet$24.95
Choice of 4 Entree & 4 main course with naan, rice, raita, salad & a dessert of your choice (per person)

Himalayan Banquet Special$29.95
Choice of 4 (2 vegetarian & 2 non vegetarian) entree and main course (no lamb cutlets), naan, rice, raita, salad, with a dessert of your choice

Kids Menu

6 pices of chicken nugets with chips$9.95

6 pices of fish with chips$9.95

Himalaya Family Package

Chicken OR Beef Bucket Biryani
Full: $140.00 Half: $70.00

Veg Bucket Biryani
Full: $135.00 Half: $65.00

Goat/Lamb/Fish Bucket Biryani
Full: $145.00 Half: $75.00

Weekend Lunch Specials

Channa Bhatura$9.95
2 pcs

Stuffed Alo Paratha$8.95
Served with raita & pickle (2 pieces)

Beef Nihari with Naan$9.95
2 pcs per serve

Stuffed Gobi Paratha$8.95
Served with raita & pickle

Halwa Puri Choley$9.95

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