Ramadan Sydney 2024 at Himalaya Granville

Embrace the Spirit of Ramadan with Exquisite Iftar Dining Experiences

During this holy month, traditional foods take centre stage, each dish infused with extra flavour and meaning to mark this special occasion. From crispy snacks to hearty soups, and aromatic rice dishes to indulgent desserts, the Iftar table offers a feast for the senses, celebrating the rich culinary heritage of the Middle East and beyond.

In this blog, we will explore the diverse and delicious world of Ramdaan food, offering mouthwatering recipes, creative serving ideas, and insights into the significance of each dish. Join us as we embark on a culinary journey through the month of Ramadan, where every meal is an opportunity to nourish the body, uplift the spirit, and create cherished memories with loved ones.

The Essence of Iftar Delicacies

Iftar, the evening meal where Muslims break their fast during the month of Ramadan, is not just about satiating hunger; it’s a time-honoured tradition deeply embedded in the cultural fabric of Islam. It’s a moment of spiritual renewal, communal bonding, and culinary delight. Let’s delve into the significance of traditional Iftar delicacies and how they enrich the experience of breaking the fast.

Nourishment and Replenishment:

After a day of fasting from dawn to dusk, the body craves nourishment and energy. Traditional Iftar delicacies are meticulously crafted to provide just that. From wholesome soups brimming with nutrients to hearty entrees bursting with flavours, these dishes replenish the body’s depleted stores and rejuvenate the spirit. Each bite is a reminder of gratitude for sustenance and the blessings of the community.

Cultural Heritage and Symbolism:

Ramadan feast at Himalaya Granville - Experience exquisite flavours and traditional dishes

The diverse array of dishes served during Iftar reflects the rich culinary heritage of Ramadan, shaped by centuries of tradition and innovation. Take, for example, the Vegetable Samosa, a crispy pastry filled with a savoury mixture of potatoes and spices. Its origins trace back to the Indian subcontinent, where it became a beloved staple during Ramadan, symbolising the triumph of flavour over fasting.

Similarly, dishes like Tandoori Chicken and Lamb Biryani evoke the vibrant flavours of South Asian cuisine, while Chicken Tikka Masala and Garlic Naan offer a fusion of dishes. Each dish tells a story of migration, adaptation, and culinary evolution, embodying the cultural diversity and resilience of Muslim communities worldwide.

Spiritual Reflection and Gratitude

Beyond their culinary appeal, traditional Iftar delicacies serve as catalysts for spiritual reflection and gratitude. As families gather around the dining table, sharing stories and prayers, each dish becomes a vessel for collective memory and communal bonding. From the first sip of sweetened milk to the last morsel of fragrant rice, Iftar becomes a feast for the senses and the soul, a testament to the blessings of faith and fellowship.

Special Iftar Buffet Menu at Himalaya Restaurant

Our menu is a testament to the rich tapestry of Indian and Pakistani cuisine, offering a symphony of flavours, textures, and aromas that captivate the senses. From savoury appetizers to succulent main courses and decadent desserts, there’s something for every palate to relish. Here’s our Iftar Buffet Menu for Ramadan 2024:

Himalaya Restaurant Iftar Buffet Dinner Menu 2024
  • Chaat Papdi: A delightful Indian street food consisting of crispy fried dough wafers served with boiled potatoes, chickpeas, tangy tamarind chutney, and yogurt.
  • Chilli Chips: Crispy potato chips tossed in a spicy seasoning blend, perfect for adding a kick to your meal.
  • Chicken Wings: Juicy and flavorful chicken wings seasoned with a variety of spices and served with a side of dipping sauce.
  • Samosa & Dates: Crispy pastry filled with a savoury mixture of spiced potatoes and peas, paired with sweet and luscious dates for a perfect balance of flavours.
  • Seekh Kebab: Succulent skewers of minced meat seasoned with aromatic spices and grilled to perfection.
  • Tandoori Chicken: Marinated chicken cooked in a traditional clay oven (tandoor), resulting in tender and smoky flavours infused with spices.
  • Butter Chicken: A rich and creamy chicken curry made with a tomato-based sauce and finished with butter and cream for a luscious texture.
  • Goat Karahi: Tender pieces of goat meat cooked with onions, tomatoes, and a blend of spices in a karahi (wok) for a flavorful and aromatic dish.
  • Chicken Biryani: Fragrant basmati rice cooked with tender chicken pieces and aromatic spices, creating a dish bursting with flavour.
  • Plain Rice: Steamed basmati rice served as a perfect accompaniment to curries and other dishes.
  • Naan: Soft and fluffy Indian flatbread baked in a tandoor, ideal for scooping up curries or enjoying on its own.
  • Raita: A refreshing yogurt-based side dish mixed with grated cucumber, tomatoes, and spices to cool down spicy dishes.
  • Mix Salad: A fresh and crisp salad comprising a mix of lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions, served with a tangy dressing.
  • Gajar Halwa: A traditional Indian dessert made with grated carrots cooked in ghee, milk, and sugar, garnished with nuts and dried fruits for a rich and indulgent treat.
  • Masala Chai: Fragrant and spiced Indian tea brewed with black tea leaves, milk, and aromatic spices, and sweetened with sugar for a comforting beverage.
  • Rabdi Falooda: A decadent dessert consisting of vermicelli noodles, nuts, and rabdi (thickened sweetened milk) for a creamy and satisfying end to the meal.

There are special dishes for each day which you can check in our Iftar Buffer Menu Image above or by clicking here.

We take pride in offering a diverse array of culinary delights to satisfy your cravings and elevate your dining experience. Whether you’re indulging in our tantalizing street food specials or savouring our rich and aromatic curries, every dish is crafted with care and passion. We invite you to join us on a culinary journey filled with flavours, traditions, and warm hospitality. Come dine with us, and let us make your meal an unforgettable experience.

Creating Memorable Iftar Moments

Ramadan prayers - Men praying during holy month

Ramadan is not just a time for fasting and reflection but also a time for coming together with loved ones to create cherished memories. Here are some tips and suggestions for hosting memorable Iftar gatherings that foster a sense of warmth, gratitude, and togetherness:

  1. Set the Scene: Create an inviting atmosphere by decorating your space with festive Ramadan decors such as colourful lanterns, elegant table settings, and vibrant floral arrangements. These decorative touches will help set the mood and make your guests feel welcome and special.
  2. Communal Prayers and Reflections: Take a moment before breaking the fast to gather for communal prayers and reflections. Encourage your guests to share their thoughts, feelings, and intentions for the holy month, fostering a sense of spiritual connection and unity.
  3. Gratitude and Charity: Emphasize the importance of gratitude and charity during Ramadan by encouraging your guests to express gratitude for their blessings and share their abundance with those less fortunate. Consider incorporating a charitable component into your Iftar gathering, such as organizing a donation drive or preparing extra meals to distribute to those in need.
  4. Create Meaningful Traditions: Establishing meaningful traditions can help make your Iftar gatherings more memorable and special. Whether it’s preparing a favourite family recipe together, sharing stories and memories from past Ramadans, or engaging in acts of service and kindness, find ways to infuse your gatherings with meaning and significance.
  5. Include Diverse Flavors: Showcase the rich culinary heritage of Ramadan by serving a diverse array of traditional Iftar dishes from around the world. Include vegetarian and meat-based options to accommodate different dietary preferences and ensure that everyone feels included and satisfied.
  6. Focus on Connection: Above all, prioritize connection and meaningful interactions with your guests. Take the time to engage in heartfelt conversations, laughter, and bonding moments that strengthen your relationships and create lasting memories.

By incorporating these tips and suggestions into your Iftar gatherings, you can create meaningful and memorable experiences that celebrate the spirit of Ramadan and foster a sense of joy, gratitude, and togetherness among your loved ones.

Celebrate Ramadan with Himalaya Restaurant

Ramadan menu prices at $40 per person - Himalaya Granville

Experience the magic of Ramadan at Himalaya Granville this year! We’re thrilled to invite you to join us for an extraordinary Iftar experience that celebrates tradition, community, and the joy of breaking fast together.

Located at 5 Good Street, Granville NSW 2142, Himalaya Granville is your destination for an unforgettable Iftar feast. Our buffet dinner, priced at just $40.00 per person, offers an enticing array of delectable dishes that will tantalize your taste buds and nourish your soul. Plus, children under 10 dine at half price, making it the perfect opportunity for a family gathering.

To reserve your spot and ensure a memorable evening, simply give us a call at 96378400 or visit our website to book your table online. Whether you’re seeking a cozy dinner with loved ones or a vibrant atmosphere to celebrate with friends, Himalaya Granville promises an ambience of warmth and hospitality that truly captures the essence of Ramadan.

Each day brings a new culinary adventure at Himalaya Granville, with our daily Iftar menu featuring a diverse selection of traditional favourites and innovative creations. From savoury starters like Chaat Papdi to mouthwatering mains such as Butter Chicken and Lahori Fish, every dish is crafted with care and attention to detail to ensure an exceptional dining experience.

Join us at Himalaya Granville this Ramadan and immerse yourself in the spirit of the season. Let us pamper your palate with flavours that transport you to the heart of South Asia, while you create cherished memories with your loved ones around the dinner table. Ramadan at Himalaya Granville is more than just a meal—it’s an experience to be savoured and shared. We can’t wait to welcome you!


Embrace the spirit of Ramadan by indulging in the diverse flavours of Iftar dining experiences at Himalaya Restaurant. Whether you’re sharing a meal with family and friends in our cozy ambience or enjoying our delectable dishes from the comfort of your home, every bite is an opportunity to create lasting memories and strengthen bonds.

As we embark on this journey of self-reflection and spiritual growth, let us extend warm wishes for a blessed and fulfilling Ramadan season to all our readers. May this auspicious time be filled with moments of joy, peace, and abundant blessings for you and your loved ones. Ramadan Mubarak!

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