Ramadan Sydney 2024 at Himalaya Granville

Experience the Best Iftar Buffet in Sydney During Ramadan 2024

Join us this Ramadan 2024 for an unforgettable Iftar experience at Himalaya Granville, where we're serving up the finest buffet dinner Sydney has to offer. Our special Iftar feast is priced at just $40.00 per person, with children under 10 enjoying their meal for half the price.

Our address is 5 Good Street, Granville NSW 2142, and we're looking forward to welcoming you to break your fast with a spread that's both delicious and heartwarming. Don't forget to book your spot by calling us at 9637 8400 or visit our website and click Reservations to book table. Embrace the spirit of Ramadan with your loved ones around a table full of delectable choices only at Himalaya Granville.

Check out our daily Iftar menu at Himalaya Granville, where every evening of Ramadan brings a new assortment of flavours to your table. From the heat of Chaat Papdi to the tenderness of Butter Chicken, and the fresh catch of Lahori Fish, our varied menu ensures that each day offers a unique dining experience. Delight in a spread that includes a mix of traditional starters, sumptuous main dishes, and decadent desserts to complete your fast with satisfaction.

Remember, our menu is subject to change, so each visit might bring a new surprise!

Iftar Menu Sydney 2024 Himalaya Granville
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